10 Easy Disney Songs To Play On Piano

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Once you are already familiar with music theory while learning to play the piano, you can move to practice your skills. However, many music pieces are still too complicated for you to memorize. We have a great solution – easy piano Disney songs for beginners. You won’t dedicate too much time to learning such compositions, but you will impress your audience. Here is a list of the best songs for beginners you can not overpass.

The easy Disney songs to play on piano

1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight – The Lion King

A soundtrack to an iconic world-known cartoon, the Lion King, might surprise you with its low difficulty to play on the piano. A slow melody and use of white notes chiefly won’t seem too complicated for all the piano beginners. A perfect choice!

2. When You Wish Upon a Star – Pinocchio

One of the Disney easy piano songs ideal for beginners is the soundtrack to Pinocchio. Being in the classic Disney songbook, When You Wish Upon a Star stands for simple chords and melody in the part that everyone recognizes.

3. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? – Frozen

Even though this Disney music piece features arpeggiated parts, it still belongs to our top of the best beginner Disney easy piano songs. The truth is a song of Do You Want to Build a Snowman? It sounds more complex than it is in practice.

4. You’ll Be in My Heart – Tarzan

If you seek easy Disney songs for piano, a soundtrack from Tarzan is the way to go. You’ll Be in My Heart stands for the easy chords, so even kids will cope with learning it.

5. Remember Me – Coco

Without a doubt, the composition of Remember Me is among the most emotional Disney songs. Moreover, it is pretty short and accessible to memorize on the piano.

6. Reflection – Mulan

Another example of the emotional and easy Disney piano songs to deal with is Reflection. Although Reflection features some arpeggiated parts, it is still an excellent option to practice piano skills for every beginner.

7. Prince Ali – Aladdin

This song usually comes first to people’s minds when thinking about Aladdin. Apart from being pretty recognizable, Prince Ali is easy to learn to play on the piano with its low difficulty level.

8. Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Cruella de Vil is also among the easy Disney songs on piano, although beginners might initially want to learn it at a slower pace. The jazz motives are iconic.

9. Go the Distance – Hercules

A soundtrack to Hercules cartoon appears as a good point to start learning the piano – even kids can cope with a music piece. Nevertheless, the pleasing melody of Go the Distance won’t leave anyone indifferent.

10. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes – Cinderella

This iconic composition is associated with the entire Disney world by multiple people. What is more, learning to play A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes on the piano isn’t a time-consuming task.