5 Reasons You Should Get Spa Massage Therapy


These days, massage therapies are a popular way to enhance both mental and physical health. If you have never tried massage before, you might miss an excellent opportunity to dedicate time for yourself, relax completely, and find an inner balance. Check out Cocoon’s personal spa therapy if you aim to feel nourished inside and out. Our healing therapy spa includes body brushing, massage with holistic hemp recovery oil, red light radiance, and not only, to give you an unforgettable experience. Keep reading the article to determine major reasons to schedule spa massage therapy today.

Why you should get a massage therapy spa: the reasons explained

1. It eases pain

Massage therapy is well-known for its pain-relieving properties. If you suffer from back pain that interferes with your daily activities, scheduling a massage session remains a good solution. According to one recent study, participants with severe lower back pain reported significant improvements after ten weekly massage sessions. Apart from the pain in the back, massage has the potential to relieve painful joints and muscles.

2. It fights stress and anxiety

Many individuals who experience anxiety disorders and stress found massage therapies an excellent approach to help eliminate inner worries. It is possible since massage treatment was investigated to lower cortisol, a hormone that provokes stress. What is more, massage can help patients with cancer cope with depression and anxiety. One way or another, regular scheduling of a massage procedure is ideal for eliminating fatigue.

3. It promotes better sleep

You are not alone if you have poor sleep or trouble falling asleep at night. Don’t hesitate to book your first spa with massage therapy and get a more restful sleep at night. Massage is also great for everyone who can not relax completely in a busy daily routine. Remember that rest is integral for staying energetic and productive, so ensure regular massage sessions can help you with that.

4. It strengthens immune function

People with a weakened immune system can greatly leverage massage therapy and spa, too. The reason is that massage can reduce cortisol levels in the human organism – this hormone can not only cause stress but also destroy natural killer cells in our body. At the same time, once cortisol levels are reduced, the immune system starts to function better. As a result, you can resist different viruses and bacteria more efficiently.

5. It helps with injury recovery

Regular massage is essential for individuals with sports hobbies and athletic careers, as it helps deal with minor injuries that happen pretty frequently. You might also find massage therapies efficient during recovering from a knee or any other joint surgery. The massive benefit of massage treatments is that they intensify blood circulation, resulting in faster repair of body tissues. Returning to your typical active lifestyle won’t take much effort with frequent massage treatments.