Buying Real Christmas Tree: Everything You Need To Know

Real Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a mandatory attribute of the New Year holidays. It creates the atmosphere of Christmas. So how do you choose a perfect Christmas tree in New York? What things to know when buying a real Christmas tree? Guide to buying a real Christmas tree, you can learn in our article below.

How to choose a live Christmas tree

What do you need for a real Christmas tree? Cut Christmas tree, pine, or fir can be purchased in relevant stores, online, forestry, or special markets. How to choose a live Christmas tree? Here are some tips for buying a real Christmas tree tips.

  • The tree should have a uniform color, without yellowness – otherwise, the tree or pine is already stale, and there is a risk that they will crumble before the New Year holidays.
  • You can determine the freshness of the tree as follows: you need to hit the trunk on the ground. If the needles do not start to crumble, the wood is fresh.
  • It is also important to buy a legal Christmas tree – you need to check its origin. Yes, the tree must have a barcode and appropriate markings, as each tree and pine must be entered in the state register of timber to avoid illegal felling of trees.

Pros and cons of a live Christmas tree

A big advantage of a buying real Christmas tree or pine is the aroma of pine needles in the house, which creates a New Year’s mood. Also, the pros include a fairly small cost, compared with artificial.

Among the disadvantages is that the cut spruce can be stored for a short time. Under normal storage, it can be fresh for several weeks, but you can prolong its life by putting it in a bucket of sand and watering it from time to time. Another disadvantage: you can not throw the spruce in the trash – it must be properly disposed of.

Christmas tree in a pot: where to buy and what are the benefits?

How does buying a real Christmas tree help the environment? As the trend towards environmental friendliness becomes more and more popular, many people abandon cut trees and pines and choose live conifers in a pot or special container. They can be purchased in specialty stores, the Internet (pages in social networks or online stores), garden centers, forestry.

How to choose a Christmas tree in a pot?

To begin with, you should decide on the type of tree – spruce, pine, cypress, thuja, dwarf juniper, or fir. It is desirable to choose a tree of small size because it has a better chance of surviving when transplanted into the ground. You should also pay attention to the color of the tree – it should be bright green. Of course, it is better not to choose a Christmas tree with yellow twigs. You can try to pull out the needles of the tree or hold them by hand against growth – “healthy” spruce will withstand these tests.

Pros and cons of buying a Christmas tree in a pot

The big advantage of such a choice, as well as a cut Christmas tree or pine, is the smell of pine needles in the house. The advantages include the fact that by buying such a tree, you do not harm nature. After the New Year holidays, it can be transplanted into another pot and left at home or transplanted into the ground closer to spring, for example in the yard.

One of the disadvantages is the higher cost of such a tree, as compared, for example, with a cut tree. It also needs to be carefully cared for – after purchase it should be placed on the balcony or in another cold room for acclimatization, and then transferred to the house. At the same time, it needs to be provided with moist air. Such wood should be watered frequently and abundantly and not placed next to heaters and batteries so that it does not dry out. In addition, the temperature in the room should not exceed +20 degrees Celsius.