Common Mistakes When Ingesting Shrooms

Common Mistakes When Ingesting Shrooms

Psilocybin – an active ingredient contained in magic mushrooms – can improve your mental health. But it’s so important to ingest the shrooms in the right way and always be prepared for any unpredictable things. The advantages of ingesting shrooms are as great as the risks, so be sure you did everything correctly. The next common mistakes while consuming shrooms edibles will help you find out what you have to know before taking shrooms to avoid any problems in the future.

1) Wrong set and setting

Try to avoid public places for ingestion shrooms. An atmosphere in such places is usually tense and may cause anxiety. Choose some private place for a psychedelic trip to take the most from your therapy.

2) Being in a bad mood

The next rule – the better you feel yourself, the better will be your trip. Your mentality will determine your experience with consumption shrooms, so try to have a good mood directly before ingesting.

3) Tripping in bad company

It’s important to choose the right company, perfectly those who has already the experience in ingesting magic mushrooms. This fact will help you to be in a suitable environment because a mockery and censure won’t be good for your general feeling before a trip.

4) Tripping without intent

Consumption of magic mushrooms isn’t intended just for an entertaining purpose. It’s much deeper, than you may think. Treat the trip with respect and after it, you will feel a message of thanks. Concentrate on your inner feelings and emotions to carry out some big life lessons while the therapy.

5) Mixing with alcohol or drugs

It’s not proper to mix shrooms with alcohol or another drug, because magic mushrooms are already a strong psychedelic substance. While mixing, the chances of a bad trip are increasing – the delusion and disorientation are intensifying. So, be careful with combining shrooms with other substances before ingesting.

6) Viewing disturbing images

Avoid viewing scary or disturbing pictures before the trip. Remember that one of the main effects of psilocybin is visual hallucinations. This way, the negative feelings about a scary image may cause stronger hallucinations that can easily be projected onto the environment.

Side effects of taking shrooms

The potential downsides of ingesting magic mushrooms are various from person to person. Side effects often appear with increasing the dose of shrooms, personal intolerance of drugs, or accidental consumption. Here are the most common disadvantages of taking shrooms.

o Increased hallucinations;

o Experience such feelings as fear, confusion, insomnia;

o Increased panic and paranoia;

o Experience traumatic recall of extremely sad past feelings;

o Losing control over yourself, lack of coordination;

o Rarely – accidental poisoning from consumption mushrooms by mistake; the symptoms include dizziness, confusion, delirium, muscle spasms, or minor gastrointestinal illnesses.


Follow mentioned pieces of advice to decrease the risk of getting difficulties and to avoid mistakes with ingesting shrooms. Pay attention to the right way of consuming magic mushrooms and only then you will get a great result!