Explanation of The Knights Templar Order Traditions

Knights Templar

The Knights

Every templar knight used meditation daily, meditation is said to lead to higher consciousness used by Buddhists. Christianity does not mention meditation, yet the Knights Templar Order clearly used it, one can only deduce that the Knights Templar religious traditions came from a different source other than Roman Catholicism. Did the Order’s traditions come from the Nazarenes, if so did the Nazarenes practice meditation?

This would explain why the Roman Catholic Church destroyed them. Also, as will be shown there are numerous examples of Templar crosses on temples in Egypt along with ankh symbols on Templar tombs. The evidence is overwhelming. The Knights Templar Symbol on an Egyptian Temple This Knights Templar symbol was photographed from Kom Ombo Temple on the banks of the river Nile Egypt.

This evidence with other records suggests the Knights Templar Order originates from an earlier period, this symbol is said to represent”city”, yet the use of the circle has always represented the Sun. This Knights Templar symbol is therefore depicted with the Sun. The Sun has another meaning”Ra”, often called the Sun God but also meaning God of Light.

Emen-Ra another word for God in Ancient Egypt, Emen means”hidden” and”Ra” light “Emen-Ra” therefore means hidden light. Atum-Ra”Atum” means end and beginning therefore “Atum-Ra” means the beginning and end of Light. 

Mary Magdalene – After the death of Jesus it is interesting to note that Mary Magdalene went to Europe and formed her own church, not based on Christianity, but the old religion of Egypt “Isis/Osiris”, believed to be the same beliefs of the Magi. Was Mary Magdalene a High Priestess of the Magi? She was accompanied by disciples of the faith known as Keepers of the faith (Knights Templars) to guard her, it is this Order of the Knights Templar that took the true faith from the Magi of Egypt, the same faith that Jesus practiced.

Was Mary Magdalene with a child?

Were the Keepers of the Faith also Keepers of the Holy Grail The Bloodline of Christ. Was the apparatus referred to in the Knights Templar rule the communication device with God

The Apparatus (On all Egyptian Pharaohs tombs you will find the Apparatus)

1. Ankh, The Key to Life”

2. Was Sceptre of the Gods”

3. Zed backbone of Osirus”

The above History is, of course, a drop in the ocean. Without the knowledge we are merely empty vessels with animal instincts, without God’s Love we are in Hell. Those who seek the meaning of life seek the “knowledge” of God. Regardless of whether you assign yourself to Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islamism, Muslim, Catholicism, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses or other beliefs, they are all brand names of the same product”The Love of God”.

Today’s deeds become tomorrow’s history, do something great today, and become part of history. As Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) once said, A Nobleman is measured by his deeds, not his birthright. The Knowledge is out there, “Seek, and they shall find”.