How Can We Stop Homelessness of Animals?

Homelessness of Animals

Nowadays, there is a huge demand to stop the homelessness of animals. Everyone should understand that it is a living creature and not a toy.

Unexpected allergies, relocation, or lack of money. These are serious problems, but there are always alternatives to the kicking out on the street, as parents leave their children in social care centers and orphanages only in the most extreme cases. And they are never kicked out into the street. Yes, the shelter, unfortunately, is not the best solution either. In this article, we are going to dwell on the problem of homelessness of animals and how can we stop it.

1. Take safety measures

It is necessary to take measures so that the animal does not get lost: an address tag for dogs and cats, a suitable harness or collar for walking, chipping. The chip should not be confused with a GPS beacon: the first will not show where your animal is, but it can help identify your pet and return it to you.

It is analogous to a human passport or driver’s license. But the chip will not run out of battery, unlike the beacon. The chip does not have a battery at all. It’s just a tiny microcircuit that is injected under the skin in the area of ​​the shoulder blades using a special syringe. Each chip has its unique number, which is entered into the international database.

2. Sterilization

Sterilization is a simple operation to remove reproductive organs, after which the animals would not have offspring. Keep in mind, it is a surgical intervention carried out by qualified specialists in a clinic with modern equipment. Besides, sterilization has many health benefits for your pet.

3. Impose fines

In some countries where animal identification is mandatory, there are fines and even criminal penalties for the owners of abandoned animals. The described measures and laws do not always work correctly. However, the fact remains: there are no stray dogs in the Scandinavian countries, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, although a hundred years ago the situation was completely different.

How you can help homeless animals?

  1. Adopt a dog or cat from a shelter
  2. Become a volunteer at a shelter.
  3. Come to the animals, spend time with them.
  4. Financially support a foundation, shelter, or a specific animal.
  5. Donate things to a shelter.

Final thoughts

According to the data, 85% of stray animals are former pets, which were either kicked out by their owners, or they were self-walking and lost. One should note that pets that have been abandoned by humans are highly likely to die. Their offspring are not seen as the main reason for the growth of street animals because they have little chance of surviving outside the home. That is why it is important to be responsible for your furry friend and understand that you are the one who can help other animals as well.