How to Check out Whether Your Restaurant has a “WOW” Factor?


Wow Factor Definition

The Wow factor means a moment where someone is surprised by what they see (if you want customers to have a great experience then you need to consider getting metal chairs for restaurants as they are truly the best). In a restaurant business context, it refers to when customers find out that your restaurant offers them something that no other restaurant does. It can also be considered as the competitive edge of your restaurant.

Viral Marketing Tips

In order to attract customers to your restaurant, you need to make use of viral marketing. Here are some of the most effective viral marketing tips which help you achieve the Wow Factor.

Amazing Customer Experience

One of the most effective forms of marketing is word-of-mouth marketing. This means that it is the customer who should market your business for you. If you want your customers to market your business, then you need to provide them with the Wow factor customer experience. They need to be impressed by the amazing customer experience that you offer them. This means that all of the processes that are involved in the customer experience need to be enhanced and make customers fall in love with your restaurant.

Offer Customers a Solution

If anything goes wrong then you need to offer a solution to your customers. If they are vegan and you do not offer vegan food, don’t simply tell them go away but provide them with vegan food instead. Reinvent your business to what customers want from you. Understand the preferences of your customers and provide them with what they seek.

Improve the Response Time

A wow restaurant needs to have an impressive response time. Therefore, you should improve the response time of your services. Do not make customers wait for their orders for a long time. Instead, ensure that a sufficient amount of staff is hired to ensure that there are no delays with customer orders.

Do Something Unexpected

It is the little things in life that matter and one of the best ways to market your restaurant to customers is by doing something unexpected for them. This means that you should go all out and ensure that a certain amount of customers are Wowed by the unexpectedness of what you do for them. Get customers an extra burger or two, or maybe a cake if it is their birthday. It will truly make a difference.

What is considered viral?

If you want your business to go viral then you need to understand what is considered viral. We live in the time of social media. Any business that wants to succeed needs to be active on social media and encourage customers to share their experiences on their social media as it will help promote the restaurant to others and ensure that your restaurant is trending.