Is Oracle Cloud HCM The Same As PeopleSoft?

HCM Cloud vs. PeopleSoft

Different HCM cloud services are gaining great popularity today, one of the most successful solutions for businesses. Generally, PeopleSoft to Oracle HCM cloud migration remains the effective strategy to permanently upgrade technologies and functionality, not to mention reducing ownership costs. Still, many business owners don’t understand the importance of moving to Oracle HCM over PeopleSoft. This article will look at the main benefits and downsides of these two solutions and discover how to migrate to the Oracle cloud.

Oracle HCM Cloud vs. PeopleSoft software

1. Maintenance

Using PeopleSoft HCM, a customer typically takes responsibility for the maintenance of the entire system. These concerns are maintaining the operating system, applying security and application updates, maintaining fixes, etc. In the Oracle cloud, all system maintenance is done by a cloud vendor.

2. Costs

PeopleSoft software is often associated with a higher final cost of ownership, while Oracle cloud offers notably lower payments of ownership.

3. Upgrades

Oracle cloud provides the latest innovations in technologies to streamline and automate various business processes. They include artificial intelligence, continuous automatic updates, conversational interfaces, etc. Customers receive the ability to be up-to-date in terms of the latest innovative implementations for improving business workflow. On the other hand, PeopleSoft software doesn’t make it easy to get all the latest upgrades for better functionality and features of applications.

4. Payroll systems

Oracle HCM Cloud Global Payroll allows customers to reach great scalability, flexibility, effectiveness, and compliance to simplify a range of payroll applications. Additionally, a cloud vendor is responsible for application maintenance, so a client won’t deal with all the complex processes that require knowledge. PeopleSoft is generally good at keeping the tax updates, but the multiple bugs prevent customers from applying with each application update.

5. Human Resources

When it comes to HR management, Oracle cloud offers more significant benefits, including flex fields, minimizing data entry and bugs, Work Life Apps, etc. PeopleSoft loses since it doesn’t incorporate the ability to add fields without the assistance of the Development team that limits system personalization and various administrative tasks. The configuration of Approval Workflow can turn out to be more complicated in PeopleSoft software, too.

PeopleSoft to Oracle HCM cloud migration steps

· If you are using an on-premises database host, you need to export the on-premises database. Utilize Data Dump Export for this purpose.

· The next step is to create a new Oracle Database Cloud Services.

· Connect to the Oracle Database Cloud Service compute node and then use a secure copy utility to transfer the dump file to this node.

· Use Data Pump Import on the Oracle Database Cloud Service compute node for importing the data into the new database.

· Delete the dump file after making sure the data has been transferred successfully.