Lindsay Kaye Interview By Muscle-Base

interview by muscle-base

How and why did you get into Fitness Training?

I come from a family of really hard gainers. After years of wishing, I could gain weight I finally learned about training, diet, and supplementation and achieved results!

My brother and I started a challenge of who could gain the most weight and I developed an addiction to fitness!

Do you enjoy being in the fitness industry as a Fitness Model?

Being a fitness model is part of my life I enjoy the most! I love being able to motivate people and get them on the right track to a healthier life.

What advice would you give to beginners who’re looking to achieve your Aesthetic Physique?

Keeping your diet and training consistent is key!

What is your current Diet & Training like?

Right now I’m on my cutting plan, I consume mostly lean proteins like eggs, tilapia, and chicken, lots of veggies, minimal carbs like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, and minimal good fats like avocado and raw almonds. My training remains the same, lifting heavy since I’m such a hard gainer, except I upped my cardio by doing HIIT numerous times a week along with the spin.

In your opinion, what do you think of the IIFYM diet? (If it fits your macro)

It’s a good guideline but people have to understand the quality of food is important.

I completely believe in the saying «you are what you eat»

As a Fitness Model, what are your opinions on Performance / Image enhancing drugs?

It’s definitely tempting for one to take the easy way out, but I’ve found it’s much more rewarding to achieve your results after good old hard work and sacrifice.

Have you ever experienced any muscle/bone injuries in your Bodybuilding journey?

I suffered from a herniated disc this past year and I was forced to take 4 months off from training. I was patient and took every precaution to prevent my injury from worsening. I slowly made my way back into the weight room basically starting from scratch, avoiding all the exercises that compress my spine.  I’m happy to say that I’m back to 100%!

There is a lot of hate for the sport «Bodybuilding», have you ever experienced any disrespectful comments or insults for being in the fitness industry?

I’ve been very lucky to have come across a lot more positive people than negative. 

I feel sorry for the people that feel the need to be disrespectful, I try and live by the Dalai Lama’s quote:

‘Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible. ’ and hope that others will feed off of the positivity.

There are so many supplements in the Fitness market today, what advice would you give to beginners who’re looking for the right supplements?

People should research what is in the products they are taking as opposed to what they see is on sale at the moment or what is the most popular.

Do you plan on Bodybuilding for the rest of your life?

The fitness lifestyle is definitely a life long love for me. I want to be the 80-year-old lady still squatting and intimidating the guys, Haha.

What are your future goals?

Hopefully, I can gain enough size to be able to compete in the figure division in the near future!