Natalie Jill Interview by Muscle-Base


How and why did you get into Fitness Training?

I have been training as long as I can remember… When I was just 15 I would do Jane Fonda videos in my parents’ family room! As far as making it my business, I was late to the game making this my full-time career.

What advice would you give to people looking to achieve your Aesthetic Physique?

Work to be your best you… it is a waste of time trying to look like someone else. You can’t have Jamie Eason’s Arms or Greg Plitt’s Abs – you can have your OWN best physique. Also, make sure you doing everything you can to achieve results. It is not what you do an hour a day in the gym that counts- it is what you do the other 23 hours. You need to give everything 100%. If you want it bad enough you will work towards perfection.

What are your opinions on IFBB Pro Bodybuilders who use Image/performance enhancing Drugs?

I do not personally compete so this is a hard topic for me. I have never been in the situation of some of these pros so I don’t know how to answer… I personally would not resort to these ever but before I scold those who do I always remember to «walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before judging.»

As a Fitness Professional, what are your opinions on Image / Performance enhancing drugs? Should they be banned more strictly?

I do not compete therefore I personally am consistent year round. I don’t feel (for me)  that it is healthy to have an on and offseason. I think the issue with image enhancing drugs is that they get used out of desperation. It is show time, the dieting and hard work didn’t come through as perfect as one hopes so they use these to tweak. Although I don’t personally use these it doesn’t mean that those who did didn’t work hard.

Please, you don’t sit around eating bonbons and not working out and then just take a drug and get results. If it was that easy more would do this!

There is a lot of hate for the sport «Bodybuilding», have you ever experienced any disrespectful comments or insults for being in the fitness industry?

All of the time. Those people are haters. Read this:

Unfortunately, there are still people who think Protein Powder Supplements are like Steroids and will yield massive results or think Bodybuilding supplements are «Unnatural», What are your thoughts on Bodybuilding Supplements?

Those people are missing out.

What advice would you give to female beginners who’re looking to become as successful as you in the future?

Funny you should ask this! I just added a book on my website for just this.

Here is my advice: Find your brand and work it. You can’t be someone else so stop trying. Be your best you. Find your strengths, get help figuring who you are, and then learn to make money from that.

What motivates you in the gym and do you listen to any kind of music?

Caffeine, loud dance music, and skinny jeans

What are your future plans?

Keep doing more of what I am doing! I have built a community around my brand and I love my clients and followers. I love empowering people to be their best. I have so much more to come that is in the works right now. More online programs, more webinars, a food delivery service, more workout programs, and more on branding which is another huge passion of mine… Stay tuned! I have no plans on slowing down…