Simon George Interview by Muscle-Base


How and why did you get into Bodybuilding?

I got involved In the sport when I was 16, I and a few friends booked a holiday and I really wanted to get in shape! So I joined the gym and did as much as I possibly could to bulk up. Although at the time I knew very little about training and diet but still gave it everything I had, mainly doing exercises I read in an Arnie book I had been given when I was around 10 years old.

What is your bulking diet and workout routine like?

I don’t have a particular bulking diet, I do everything I can to stay lean all year round, so when I am aiming to make lean gains I just eat 300 calls above my, so that I can put on muscle whilst putting on as little fat as possible. My work daily maintenance allowanceout routine changes all the time, I love using German Volume Training and rest pause techniques when I go into a plateau.

What advice would you give to people looking to achieve your aesthetic physique?

To be patient, building quality muscle takes a long time and serious dedication, don’t give up on your goals just because you haven’t got big muscles in just 6 weeks. The best piece of information I could give you is to not compare yourself to people you see in the gym every day, since day one I have always compared myself to the best fitness models in the business, simply because I always thought I would be competing with them one day, so I don’t care about the people around me in my local gym, I give myself the mindset that I am competing with the best fitness figures in the world, it has always been a great way for me to push myself beyond my limits.

What advice would you give to people looking to become a Fitness Model like you?

Always be willing to help other people, I have been lucky enough to gain a good following of people who come to me looking for advice, and I always answer their questions so in return I gain their respect.

You need to make sure you help the people who are inspired by you as much as you possibly can.

What are your favorite cheat meals?

Without a shadow of a doubt Nando’s chicken! The great thing is its pretty healthy!

A favorite exercise of all time?

Bench press – I love pushing out a new one rep max, and the pump I get from the high reps is second to none!

Do you have any plans to compete in the future?

It is something I may look in to at some point in the near future but at this moment in time, it is not something that interests me, although I have huge respect for the athletes that step out on stage, the dedication it takes is out of this world.

What are your opinions on Bodybuilding Supplements?

I think some are useful but only if you have a solid training and diet regime in place. I don’t think you should overdo it on supplements and you should try to get most of the nutrition from whole foods.

Do you use any Bodybuilding Supplements?

Yes, I do, I currently use:

Whey protein

Casein protein

Fish oil

Any Pro Bodybuilders or Fitness Models whom you look up to?

There are many athletes I respect, but I don’t particularly look up to any of them. I find the best athletes are the ones that change the face of what they do, adapt the game and make all their competitors have to step their game up, that’s what I want to be, a game changer.

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from within myself, I want to be known across the world for what I do, so I tell myself that every day. Somewhere in the world someone else has the same goals as me, and that person is willing to work as hard as they can for it, so I just need to make sure I work that little bit harder!

What are your future plans?

My short term plans are to get my website up and running and to help as many people as possible with their fitness goals.

What are your goals?

I want to be recognized as one of the greatest models/fitness models who ever lived, and possibly one day get into films, which is something that I think about every day, I just need to make sure I stay focused and stay on the right path to reach my goals.