Top 3 Chest Exercises for Mass & Strength

Chest Exercises

When it comes to Bodybuilding, the chest and the back muscles are the biggest muscle groups of the upper body and is said to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Here are the top 3 chest exercises that have been proven to build the most mass and strength when compared to other chest exercises.

3: Dumbbell Flyes

Coming in at #3 is the Dumbbell Flyes exercise. One of the most popular finishing chest exercises for Pro Bodybuilders, Dumbbell Flyes targets the overall chest muscles and is very similar to the Cable Crossovers exercise. This exercise will give a good tight stretch to the outer area of your pectoral muscles, giving you that tight and painful feeling.

The Dumbbell Flyes exercise is commonly performed with light weights and strict form as it is fairly easy to get injured, especially the shoulders as this exercise places a huge load on your rotator cuffs. However, a proper form, moderately heavy weight, and control will prevent this.

Concentrate on stretching and contracting your Pectoral muscles with this exercise and watch your chest grow!

2: Cable Crossovers

Coming in at #2 is the Cable Crossovers exercise. Although this is not a popular exercise and may not be found in certain gyms, it is definitely one of the top chest exercises that will give you the most muscle contraction and should be done towards the end of a chest routine to give you that «Pump» feeling.

The Cable Crossover exercise mainly targets the «Pectoral Major» which is the principle muscle recruited during a cable crossover.  This exercise works the chest muscles better than a barbell or chest press machine. A Barbell or Chest press machine has a fixed path of motion, making it difficult to fully contract the Pectoral muscles fully whereas the cable crossover permits a free path of motion, allowing the arms to move openly through the center.

Although this exercise is not known to build much strength for chest, it is definitely one of the best chest exercises to obtain that full thick, tight and solid chest appearance and will leave the chest feeling all pumped up after a set or two.

1: Flat Barbell Bench Press / Dumbbell Bench Press

Lastly, Coming in at #1 is the Flat Bench Press exercise. If you ask anyone who’s a bodybuilder or an athlete on how they build their chest, the first thing they will always tell you is «Bench Press».  It has been called the «King of Chest Exercises» and almost every gym in the world has a flat bench press station.

The Flat Bench Press exercise targets both the «Pectoral Major» and «Pectoral Minor» muscles in your chest, giving an overall muscle growth and strength as you progressively overload yourself. The Flat Bench Press is also known as a «Compound Exercise», targeting not only your chest muscles but your triceps and shoulders as well.

Using a weight that is easier to control and slowing down the movement is a great way to increase its effectiveness. It will be much easier to reduce the «Lift as heavy as possible» mentality and concentrate more on muscle contraction and exercise form.

A known common mistake with the Flat bench press exercise is when people worry too much about weight progression and ending up distributing most of the load on their triceps and anterior deltoids instead of the pectoral chest muscles which will eventually, lead to shoulder discomforts and injuries. Incorporate these 3 top exercises into your chest routine and try it out!