Top 3 Tricep Exercises for Mass & Strength

Tricep Exercises

Often people ask this question «How do I get bigger arms?» Well, it’s really simple, the Tricep branchii makes up 2/3 of your entire arm and is the bigger muscle group when compared to the Bicep branchii. A set of well-developed Triceps will definitely give the illusion of big arms but it is important that you target both the Tricep and Bicep branchii to optimize muscle growth and proportion. That being said,  Here are the top 3 triceps exercises that have been proven to build the most mass and strength when compared to other triceps exercises.

3Close Grip Bench Press

Coming in at #3 is the Close Grip Bench Press. One of the most popular tricep mass building exercise used by Pro Bodybuilders and Fitness Models. Similar to the Bench Press, the Close Grip Bench Press uses a narrow grip about shoulder width length which places more emphasis on the Long Head Tricep branchii while the lockout portion of the exercise targets the Lateral Head of the Tricep branchii.

Start off the light and generally add weight to the barbell as it gets easier and easier. Proper form and control is crucial in this exercise for building mass and overall thickness in the Triceps.

2: Triceps Pushdowns

Coming in at #2 is the Triceps Pushdowns. A popular Tricep isolation exercise among Bodybuilders for specifically targeting the Long head Tricep branchii for both mass and strength. It is usually performed at the beginning of a Chest & Triceps routine as a   exercise and as a finishing exercise to end the workout with the painful «Pump» feeling in your Triceps.

This exercise allows you to target your triceps in many different ways using various attachments such as “Straight-bar attachment, Rope attachment, V-bar attachment” and Vshaped bar attachment”.

1: Weighted Dips

Lastly, coming in at #1 is the Weighted Dips exercise. Primarily a compound movement for developing the Triceps Branchii (Lateral and Long Heads of the Tricep), Weighted Dips are one of the best exercise among Bodybuilders for developing the overall Tricep muscle and is typically performed on a parallel bar dip station. However, this exercise can also be performed using a bench as well.

While performing this exercise, keep your head down and chest slightly leaning forward with your arms facing inwards. This will prevent any unnecessary strain on your chest and shoulder and places more emphasis on your triceps.

A common mistake in weighted dips is when too much weight is added and form has to be sacrificed. A proper form and control is crucial during any exercise as it will prevent any possible injuries and may even induce better muscle growth as more muscle fibers are recruited through strict movement.  Incorporate these 3 top exercises to your tricep routine and try it out!