What is the Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of Angels?


According to the metaphysical bible dictionary, angels are the faithful followers and helpers of God. Usually, they are depicted as good creatures in white dresses. In addition, the angels are also considered to be the messengers of God. It is well known that they may communicate with humans and convey them some important messages of God. Obviously, there exists a particular angel’s symbolic meaning. A lot of people all over the world extremely desire to communicate with angels. In such a case, they may use a special communication bracelet.

The angels are the spiritual creatures which are usually associated with love, faithfulness, honesty, purity, goodwill, etc. However, not everyone knows a lot about the meanings of the angel. Keep on reading to get to know some new interesting information about the angels symbolic meaning which is definitely worth knowing.

The Symbol of Angels

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there are different types of angels. That is why each type of angels has another symbolic and spiritual meaning. So, let us consider some of the most popular and widespread kinds of angels and find out their meanings.

  • Cherubim are considered to be very faithful and devoted angels. According to the biblical stories, the Cherubim are the angels who were created to pray for humans. Anyway, the prayers of these angels are really powerful and helpful. Furthermore, they are usually associated with purity, faithfulness and innocence.
  • Seraphim are the faithful angels who take care of the spiritual well-being of humans. By the way, the Seraphim are really kind and righteous angels. That is why they are usually considered to be the guards of our souls.
  •   Archangels are considered to be the most powerful angels. As the Archangels represent the highest rank of all angels, they are well known all over the world. Besides, these strong angels are also very devoted ones. It is well known that they always watch out for people. Moreover, their main mission is to defend and protect humans from all the negative and bad spirits. Because of that the Archangels are usually associated with protection, defense, support and patronage.

The Importance of Angels

It is worth mentioning that Christians believe in the magnificent power of angels. All angels are considered to be very important spiritual creatures. Furthermore, it is commonly believed that every single person has his/her own angel. This angel is always watching out for a person, defending and protecting him/her from some accidents and bad situations. That is why this angel is called the guardian angel. So, people should value their angels as they are the best spiritual friends.


There exist several kinds of angels. Every king has its peculiarities, symbols, and spiritual meanings. It is necessary to know, in order to see the difference between them.